Baptism and Pastoral Offices

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Baptism at St. Mary's Church

The Sacrament of baptism ushers us into the divine life, cleanses us from sin, and initiates us as members of the Christian community.


Confirmation at St. Mary's Church

Like all the Sacraments, Confirmation is a moment of encounter with Jesus Christ. By receiving this Sacrament, we are joined more closely to Christ and are more fully conformed to Him.


Matrimony at St. Mary's Church

The sacrament of Matrimony is the only one of the seven sacred mysteries to be explicitly called such in the New Testament: Holy Matrimony.


Burial Rites and Policy

Our Anglican way of life teaches us that death is not an end of life, but a change.  In the burial of a Christian, we celebrate the faith of the deceased person and Christ’s victory over death and suffering.

Let all things (in worship) be done reverently and in order."

 1 Corinthians 14:40

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